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Episode 1. Valentina

Welcome to Red Falls. Autumn has arrived, and strange things are starting to happen. Valentina, her sister Gina, and friends Violet and Luis sneak out after curfew to see if any strange phenomena happen in the local Deep Woods. What awaits them? Click to find out in Episode 1.

You can also download an executable to your computer.

Mac executableWindows executable

Both files are zipped in a folder. Download, extract, enjoy!!

Arrow keys: Character movement.
Return key: Action button.
Mouse left click: Move character to clicked area.
Esc: Opens the menu.

The original look of my game before moving into a new game engine.

The setting is in a fictional town of Red Falls in Massachusetts. It is a rather isolated town where the younger residents are warned never to enter the woods after dark. Local legend says that something called the “white witch” lives there and will spirit all those away who dare enter her domain. Max, and his 3 best friends, Claire, Ben, and Adam will attempt to solve the mystery of Max’s grandfathers research and disappearance. What they uncover, no one could ever be prepared to understand.

The story had evolved quite a bit over the last year or so. In addition to the main plot, I will be starting off the game with I call a bite. It’s an episodic telling of the story involving side characters by the name of Gina, Valentina, Violet, and Luis. They all had been steeped in the local legend of the “white witch” and decide to head into the deep woods to prove that the legend isn’t true. Little do they know…

I hope to have this episode titled “The vanishing of Valentina” ready to be played soon. I wish to have this playable here online, and the main game see some sort of official release on Steam in the future.

I had been toying with the idea of creating a pixel world. Here is one of my main characters in pixel form. Claire.

Some scenery from my project. The game engine includes default tiles which I am in the process of replacing with my own. The tree leaves and bushes were created by me.

It’s been over 1 year since I started my project. It’s coming along nicely, but it has changed quite a bit. I will be uploading a preview of it soon. It’s a short piece set in the world of Red Falls and focuses on characters from the same town as my main characters. It will introduce the main story characters and world. Stay tuned!!

Red Falls

Red Falls is the code name for my game project that I’ve been building in RPG Maker for the last year and a half.

Max, a late teenager, and his friends set off to uncover the mystery surrounding Max’s grandfathers disappearance. Their journey takes them into the local folklore of their hometown and the deep woods that surround it. I’m aiming for RPG/Light horror. This is a work in progress and I hope to collaborate with other artists on this project as well. The art style is to be determined at this time. I’m building the game with the preset sprites at this time, and when the game is complete, I will swap them out for a custom sprite